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- New possibility => check online log for F1VEO (a bit buggy)
- New possibility => check online log for DF3FX
(a bit buggy)
- New Beta testing worked squares 09/2010 (F1VEO) for 6m 10m and 2m

Update 12.02.2016
- I had very few time to maintain the webpage but there is new content waiting. In the meantime I added a twitterfeed.

Update 16.07.2013

- No big news - Last VHF contest was real fun and I could make about 66 QSO's from my french QTH. ODX was OZ5W.

Locator Map:

Update 28.10.2012

- Updated worked squares on 2m and 70cm
- Some new pics of mobile setup with one of the HF-antennas

Update 27.10.2012

Big Tropo event over here at my 2nd QTH in France (IN77UT). Made several very
nice QSO's with distances of over 1000km on 2m and 70cm. Day 23 I was only
QRV on 2m because I have no permanent 70cm antenna over here at my QTH.
There were many demands of UHF and up so at day 24th I came up with the idea
of putting up a signle UHF yagi trough a Velux roof window with my telescopic
12m VDL Fiberglass mast. The mast was blocked at the inside with a table and 2
chairs and an old TV to give the chairs a bit more weight.
I'm sorry for all guys who asked for 70cm before I came up with the idea.

Maybe we can make a QSO next time. 70cm It worked great, sometimes even better than
2m! For 70cm I put up my Yaesu FT-897D so I hab two seperate stations and the
ability to transmit on both bands in short delays.

It was a real pleasure to have all those superb and nice QSO's qith signals going
from 41 up to 59++ both on VHF and UHF!

Working conditions were:
2m - IC-271E with Tokio HY-Power HL-160V on the 5-el DK7ZB Yagi
70cm - FT-897D Barefoot (35W) and 11el DF1JM Yagi put up especially day 24th

For all QSL requests please consider that QSL's for F1VEO via the bureau go via
DF3FX! Direct QSL is also possible
(for address see QSL info - If you can't read
have a look at DF3FX on QRZ.com) . I would be very pleased to receive also your
QSL as many squares were also new-ones for me! Thank you all !

For next time at IN77-QTH I plan beeing QRV in digital modes and with a more powerful setup for 70cm ( 2x11el.)

Hope to hear you soon again from my 2nd. QTH @ IN77UT


Update 26.06.2012
Had to get a new car as my old broke down after 12 years.
Got a good in shape 2nd hand Ford Focus.
Pictures of the radio install will follow as soon as I got it all mounted properly.

Update 29.05.2012
As I bought a used Tokyo High Power PA (160W) for 2m I also changed all power
connections to Powerpoles. Powerpoles are a nice system even if it's a bit pricy (At least over here in Europe) .


Update 13.05.2012
Back from France. Had my dad's car for the last 3 weeks. A Mercedes B-class.
Had my Kenwood Pro Mobile installed:

Update 20.04.2012
Well well , a good while since I wrote the last time over here. The reason is simple. End of october I hab an accident and broke my left arm so no radio, a bit of PC but no "big typing" till January 2012 :/

The news since:
- I'm well satisfied with my Kenwood TM-V71
- I got some Kenwood Pro Radios to play with - but it's not really ideal for Ham Radio use. Its a mobile 2m Rig and a UHF Handheld.

- I've been several times in EA1 for work with only a little HT, because FT-817ND is out of price actually.
- I bought some new battery holders for my Hora's - the original ones broke down
after 15 year. ( Look for the packs of ALAN-42 - they fit correctly)

Update 25.09.2011
- My FT-7800 died a few weeks ago. I bought a Kenwood TM-V71E instead :-)

Update 25.01.2011
- New QSL cards ordered

Update 30.12.2010
- Finally finished my two DH8BQA Voicekeyers
The black one is for the TS-480, The more stylish one for the Yaesu FT-897D & my IC-271

Update 9.12.2010

=> Having some ideas for my french QTH
- Going satellite from base station :-) Till now only made handheld QSO's.
As most passes (70%) are below 60° elevation and above 10° a shorter slightly inclinated
crossyagi (2m/70cm combined) would be fine to use with an AZ-Rotator only.

I'm thinking of a combination of 2 DK7ZB designs , 4EL VHF and 5-9 el UHF with suitable SWR curves for satellite operations.
My friend F0FFY had many contacts also with northamerican OM's from IN77 with
his 4el VHF/9el UHF crossyagi.

Update 1.12.2010
- New car mount for my IC-706

- Replaced the balun housing of my 11el 2m Yagi.

- News & Comments
  - I'm still waiting for my GlobalQSL card I send to myself @ March 2010 .... Hope you got my card
  - Attention all direct QSL senders - Need to order new cards at Xmas
  - Got a new toy, an Android Phone (HTC Wildfire) - will soon write about some useful Ham app's here
  - I'm actually building two voice keyers for my rigs - contest & normal CQ'ing
  - QRV from Germany again on HF Bands with a half size G5RV (results are not so good)

Update 20.09.2010
- IARU VHF September Contest from IN77UT
Not any big chance for a good placement from over here but I like participating

 - FT-897D ~40W and the following Antenna Config.
 - 5el DK7ZB Yagi on the House with rotator
 - 9el Tonna direction EA with the IC-271E conntected
 - 11el Yagi torwards UK ( no success with it HI ) - it was far too low abve ground

Worked Gridsquares

Older Updates I had no time to mention before:

- Build a FT-Meter for my Yaesu FT-897D with old Components I hab laying around
- Headset for Contest for my Yaesu FT-897D

- Now equipped for UHF @ IN77UT with my 9el DK7ZB Yagi ( actually found nobody for testing over here HI
- HB9CV for 6m now working (Diamond did a mistake while glueing the element color stickers)
   But it' is still a bit outperfomrmed by my 5/8L homebrew 6m vertical

- Had my first MS QSO in SSB with S56P , Bostjan from Slovenia IN77UT<=>JN76PO

- Participated at the August VHF/UHF Microwave Contest for some hours only
2x EA8 (IL18BL & IL18SK ), heard CT etc but first my rotator failed then , IC-271E failed ( RF regulation stage failure :-(
btw only 2m , no success on 70cm :-(

(EA8 not on Map)

Update 01.07.2010
- DL0UDS Clubstation ready for upcoming VHF/UHF Contest
Additional antennas are up and results are good.
The team will be composed of the regular members of DL0UDS

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Last Update 03.11.2012

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