.:: 2m 11 Element Yagi - Unknown Manufacturer from ULTRON::.

This antenna was a gift from an other OM after I got my license.
It was in use during years at my parents QTH.

Now I brought it to France and saw that it didn't work correctly. So I renovated the antenna
but first did a big mistake by rebuilding the Balun as it was ( with 75 Ohm Coax).
That happens when you don't question about if it's really right what was on the antenna.
But anywhere now with 50 Ohm Balun it works as a charm and will give me some
better gain than my 9EL Tonna .
The Balun was entirely rebuild with Aircell7 and it got a 5m Aircell7 Coax to connect
at the rotator level with N-connector.

If somebody knows any details on this antenna as :
- manufacturer => Ultron
- gain
- other details
I would be pleased to get a mail from you.
The OM who had it before told me that it comes from a little bavarian manufacturer who doesn't exist anymore and was bought during the 70's or 80's.

Here are some pics

At my parents home during the 90's

in France

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