.:: 5 element Yagi after DK7ZB design::.

I had to find a high gain , good lobe solution for VHF SSB operation at my french QTH.
The antenna had to fit under the TV antenna , rotating in front of the mast.
9el Yagi was not possible because of heavy winter storms in this reagion so I decided to
look for a small antenna giving me sufficient gain and good characteristics and my
choice was building one myself. I chose this 50Ohm DK7ZB design and build it before
coming to the french QTH for vacations 2009.

As rotator I choosed one of those cheap small ones because its light weight and precise
enough. No need to but the big Kenpro up there for this tiny little yagi
I have around 8m of H2007 coax from the antenna to my TRX.

Here are some pictures - to be completed:

detailed view

antenna mounted:

Rotation angle - left grey zone marked "ungenutzter bereich" is not necessary here - as a
transatlatic QSO with the US is not realistc
In Reality the antenna turns more than 300° - approx. 340°

Project sheets:

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