.:: Cheap magic band antenna ::.

As I have my HB9CV for 6m in France where the interesting protion of the 6m Band is prohibited :( I had to find a cheap solution to get an aerial for my german location. I got a Band I (TV CH 2) Hirschmann antenna which was mounted under the roof for free. As The european Channel 2 is nearby the Hamradioband it had to work. So I replaced the 75Ohm Balun with a half waveleingt coax transfomation line to match the 240-300Ohms down.

It was kind of quick and dirty to see first if it works and make a proper solution for durability later.

After first tests lowest SWR is at 51 MHz so it has to be pulled down a bit. But the antenna gave some good results. Money spend => 0€ ;-)
(ok I sped a bit less than 10€ if you calculate coax, screws, Mast-clamp etc :-)  )

As the last Band I TV transmissions end there is a lot of old still usable antennas around from 2 up to 4 elements for the 6m Band you can easily transform.

Pictures :

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