.:: 25 Element 70cm TELO Yagi - rebuild ::.

/!\ I'm still looking for documentation , gain or any other info of this antenna
- as I have no info at all - I would be very happy if someone could mail me some info /!\

I got this Yagi as a present from DK7JQ after I got licensed in 1995.
The Yagi was dammaged and having had no equippement for 70cm SSB it layed on the roof of my
parents garage till now (June 2k8).
I decidet to renovate it and to give it a chance even if newer designs would perform better.
As a student you don't have money so you have to do with what you have ;-).
-----Update May 2009 --------

We tried out the renovated Yagi at our University Clubstation and its performing surprisingly well.
SWR is 1:1,1 :-) so renovation was a sucess.
The balun which was lost was replaced with a construction of a piece of PCB to fit into the clamps
of the antenna balun housing. Matching is done with a 1/4L bypass.

-----------Older text -----------
I had to solve the following problems:
- build up a new balun , cause original is missing (know I got in 95 it but where did I put it...?)
- Find a solution to fix the elementholders ( Elements are in front of the screw-hole)
this is quite the biggest problem.
- bend it right
- build a boom connector
- look for a new mast clamp

Most is done - only balun and mast clamp are on the todo-list.

This is how I picket it up after years on the roof- Likely all plastic parts are broken

The element holder system: (above comes the cap making element stable)

The repair procedure :-)
I know it's quick & dirty to work with hotglue , but as I dont know if the antenna would work I don't want to spend all my student money into it.
So to fix the "dead" element holders i filled them up with hot-glue.

And now the dirtiest ;)
As no efficient solution was found to replace my J - holders I fixed the elements with hot-glue so that they don't move - no idea what will happen under heavy sunlight - but I ll see.
Isn't Hamradio about experimenting?

The Balun - empty

The home-made boom conenctor - Made of Zink metal.

The actual status: 3,06m long and taking my hole balcony

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