.::Adjustable vertical antenna::.

I was a little bored at university so I had some ideas about making a leigh-adjustable
vertical antenna a bit like those well known commercial ones.

Here is the plan - in french - explications in english are below

Take a fiber pole which is non conductive (surfboard pole - fishing stick)
- a fishing line for the counterpoise
some electric wire and other wire to make a radial network.
So that are the basics

Now you have to invent something to adjust the leight of the wire.
I would opt for an electric akku powered screwdriver I would control
from the shack or using a old RC remote - with a modified servo you take the
potentiometer of so it would work like a winch.
Make a winch out of metal to put the wire on.
take a relay contact to contact the winch so that the HF is putted on the winch and so on on our wire.

There are a few unsolved problems which are:
- how to know after a few days the wire position?
- Making the coax-"winch" connection that would conduct good at all time.

So this are only a few brainstorms - finish the project with your own ideas
and adaptations for your needs -

Have fun experimenting :)

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