.::Alinco DM-330MWE PSU::.

While my big Diamond PSU is staying at my frensh QTH, I had to buy another one
to carry with my IC-706. I choose the Alinco PSU because of it's size,
price and reviews on the web.

Well, the first impressions are very good.
The PSU has now a grounded case and the "100V on case - problem" seems to be solved.
Also the preset system changed. Now as you can see there is a potentiometer at
the back of the device and no more jack connector you have to hook up with a resistor.

To my surprise the Voltage/Ampère-meter has green Backlight

The PSU carries a Sticker telling not to touch the PSU cause it could be very hot /!\
but since now in no moment the PSU got hotter than a bit warm.
I tried to find some PSU-generated noise on HF bands but couldn't find any.

better pictures added 10/5/2008:

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