.:: The CJU Antenna ::.

After my first steps on AO-51/SO-50 I looked out for some solutions to
replaye arrow antenna. I found this one after looking up the callsigns of my first QSO's.

EA4CYQ made public some plans for interesting antennasyou can find on the page linked at the end of this page.
The CJU-Antenna is very interesting and the ideal solution to carry in your car with a UHF Handheld, having a 2m capabel radio with ~20W in your car.

I bouild it with 4mm diam. aluminium tubes you could find at your local hardware store for some little money and 20mm PVC electric pipe. Heaten up the pipe a bit to make the BNC connector fit in. The cable I used is RG58 which has not very much losses on this short distance.

Some pictures:

Consturction details on the feed point.

Link for the construction plans in PDF of EA4CYQ, hosted by EB4DKA

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