.::Diamond Mx-610 Duplexer::.

I bought this Duplexer, very hard to find at the shops, to solve the Problem that 6m is
together with HF Bands on my IC-706. For this the Diamond Duplexer is the ideal
accessory splitting up HF Bands and 6m. I use it to split up my coax line at my
garage to my Diamond W8010 Dipole and my Diamond 6m HB9CV antenna.

Technical Specs referring to what is mentioned on the device:

Impedance 50 Ohms
Isolation 45 db
SWR < 1,2
Loss LPF 0,2db ;HPF 0,25db
Power 1,3-30MHz 600W PEP, 49-250MHz 600W PEP, 300-470MHz 500W PEP

Outputs are marked 1,3-30 and 49-470MHz

Like there are few pics on the web I made some pics of mine so you can take a
closer view o this Duplexer.

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