.::My Diamond W-8010 Trap Dipole::.

This are only some teaser pictures I made today after I received the antenna.
Please excuse the bad quality pictures but they where made with my mobile phone.
More pictures in better quality will follow as soon as my new tower is mounted and
the dipole is operational. ( summer 2k7)

I choose this antenna because I had to have quiet invisible antenna
and needed a cheap multiband antenna for HF Bands I can use
on portable or my parents QTH or wherever I want , after I found my perfect vertical
antenna solution for my french QTH.

.:: "Review" ::.

-My first impressions:
Like on all Diamond antennas I own fabrication
quality seems to be very good and all easy to mount - even with
the japanese manual. I hope that after a first usage the dipole kit will fit again in his double pocket bag.

-The mounting:
Unfortunately like on likely every Diamond Product the manual is in japanese and its hard to find
an english version. I searched the web and found -cannot remember where- a complete pdf
in english (whole 4 pages and not only 1 or 2 !) . It's very useful. Once you have a comprehensive manual in your hands be sure to follow the notice and not to jump any steps as we normally do.

-Modifications I did.
I soldered the crimped O- rings at the ends of the cables to prevent water intrusion and be sure keeping a good contact for years without oxidation problems.
Sometimes the screws of the traps need to be controlled
I also changed the tape to secure PL connection against humidity for a better one.

My personal pro/con list.
- forget it on the low bands like 80m - its really too short
- be sure to mount it at an acceptable high to get most out of it.
Compared to my W3DZZ and modified L/2 cb antenna the results of the W8010

where every time lower as on those 2 antennas, but I think I have to make some more
testing to really be able telling the pro/cons of this antenna.

The W-8010 in his original package
- can serve as transport bag if you like to use it for holidays or portable operations -


The two pockets :)

showing some parts

80m trap side view

80m Trap

The Balun

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