.:: Digital Radio Mondiale::.

Since I had a 12KHz converter from ebay by an Italian OM I never put it into my TRX because I had no backup in case of a disfunction. Now with my TS-480 I put the DRM Downconverter into my Icom IC-706.

For that I put a simple PCB into one of the optional Filter slots and drained the IF out via Coax.
The DRM / 12KHz converter is in a little metal box outside with a 9V block battery for supply ( will be powered
by the TRX soon. )

With an external USB soundcard on my notebook decoding is easy.
Just selecting the optional Filter and Audio goes through the converter to the PC soundcard.
I chosse an external one because I did broke the soundcard on my last Notebook with a TRX and
for less than 10€ you get well working USB cards Which are easily replacebal ;-) )

More to follow :-)

Some pictures of the Setup:

Trying the whole setup out at DL0UDS , Clubstation

@ my parents home

The USB Soundcard :

The Icom DRM converter:

Connecting the Converter inside IC-706

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