.:: Homebrew Window "clip" antenna ::.

To use my handheld radios inside the brandnew car I had to find a solution to get an
antenna on it without drilling a hole nor using a magnetic antenna ruining the cars paint.
A friend of mine, DC0AB, has a window clip antenna on his car but I wanted something cheaper than 70€. So I looked on the internet auction sites and got a Mobile phone antenna from Schwaiger for 4€ .

I dismounted the TNC connector and put in a BNC one because TNC VHF/UHF Antennas are hard to find. Then I cut down the cable to a reasonably length to get less losses.

The only thing actually missing is a suitable BNC whip to be fixed on it.
I'm thinking of a Nagoya one.

Thats how the result looks:

The whole

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