My opinion on this TRX:
It is my second Yaesu TRX I bought right 6 month later than my VX-2R.
I'm very satisfied of it - It has good reception - loud and clear Sound
and is very complete for the low price.
Things I missed on it ( A bit due to the fact I have a VX-2R):

  • Wideband RX like on VX-2R is the major thing I missed on it
  • The Hypermemory Thing is a bit complicated and I still don't understand it
  • A ignition cable like on Car Stereos to turn the TRX on/off[delayed] with ignition of the car
  • Crossband feature - but I knew this before buying the TRX
  • Why the hell didn't Yaesu program Maritime VHF channels into it like on VX-2R?
  • no WFM and no coverage between 520MHz -700MHz - so no TV Audio (only french SECAM which is in AM)

  • Like I said before - I'm more than satisfied of it in relation of the price.
    I hope Yaesu will bring out soon a mobile unit with Wide RX .

    One thing I generally miss on all of those VHF/UHF Transceivers is an
    integrated SWR meter. Its a shame that quiet all constructors are unable to put
    a such simple thing into their Rig's. In mobile use SWR can change with the time due to
    corrosion, unlocked mounting bases etc and if you don't check it from time to time
    you finish like i did - surprised that a 1:1,1 Antenna suddenly after some years had a SWR of
    1:3,0 - I didn't notice this during years - So my biggest wish is a SWR meter in my next TRX !

    Due to the high price of the mobile display mount I build one myself - to see here

    Here are some pictures of the Rig:

    The 7800's separated Display

    Even the Mic has Backlit

    The Blackbox :)

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