:FT-7800 self made Display mounting:

I would like to present you my self made FT-7800 Display mount.

With a cheap 6 pin phone extension cable you will get a perfect extension kit
for less than 8€. Of course you need to do a bit of work ;)

To build my mount i used :
- L-form Aluminium bar at display dimensions
- principally a Dremel ;)
- A Gas solder iron to heat the aluminium while bending
- for the rest I don't know how those tools are called in english so have a look
at the last picture ;)

How I proceed to build:
- first I put the display on the aluminium "L", leaving a bit more than 1.5cm on each
side to make the claws which are holding the display.
-then I traced the display on the "L" and marked the "claws" and cut out all
i don't need.
-later I bended over the claws under application of heat so that the aluminium doesn't brake.
-between the steps always verify that all still fits approximately
-once one side finished look another time on the other side to see that all fits.
-If the "claws" are too long it doesn't matter you can still cut them- The final adjusting is done at the end.
-When you have the basics done - drill a hole to pass the Western connector for the
display and the mounting holes you want.
- Now make final adjusting and you should get a result like mine ;)

Overall it costs me like 1 hour to get the aluminium base on local store and
like 2 hours to build.
Material costs for the mounting bracket where about 4,50€.
The entire kit cost me 4,50€ + 60ct for the display extension cable .
Its far under the price Yaesu asks for and if you have the ability try out to make your own one.

Final result with the Display fitting

The "workplace"

And this is how it looks inside the car:

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