.::Diamond HB9CV for 6m Band::.

I needed a good antenna for beginning on the 6m Band in Summer 2007.
After my last adventure on building a 4el Yagi for 145MHz operations which was almost finished
1 year after beginning construction, I decided buying a HB9CV from Diamond .
Like there were no pictures on the web to have an Idea how its build and which
quality is to expect from the antenna I decided to shoot some photos so that there
are some pics on the web for other undecided OM's :-)

My first impressions seeing the package content where overall positive.
Seems that Diamond had stayed with good quality and easy to mount materials.

The antenna comes in the little package you can see on the bottom.

Balun and Element holder.

The elements are marked with colours ( brown and red)
And the "match holder"-position is marked in the aluminium.

The gray cable needs to be fixed with some plastic straps on the boom
as I understood the japanese non translated manual.

The Element holders.

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