.:President James:.

President James was my second CB-Radio before I got sick of
all those injures on CB Band and made my Ham Radio License.
But I kept this radio because it was keypad programmable to extended frequency range and now covers also the Ham Band.
It covers 240 channels from 26MHz. Right up inside the 10m ham band with 12W on AM/FM. An other feature is the DIN Size so it fits right in your car's second DIN placement. Later I found this page where is mentioned a way to access via PC directly to the PLL and push the TRX up to almost 30MHz and every frequency - not only .xx5 MHz steps. I actually didn't do the mod because i hadn't the time but it's planned.

  • Wintransceiver/Winscanner

    So here are some pictures of the TRX.

    The Back side with Ant connector , Speaker , PA Speaker and S-Meter

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