.::CB L/2 experimental Antenna::.

I'm still looking for a cheap vertical antenna to use at my french QTH.
So like I had a 5/8L a 1/2L Citizen Band Antennas and like a good Friend gave me
his 2 old CB antennas I had enough stuff to do some experiments.
The two Sirtel L/2 Antennas were modified by adding a UHF-Connector and passing by the 1/2L loading coil (see bottom of this page) .
The other two were kept for 10m Band traffic.

Actual L/2 Setup *g*
- actual because its great for experimenting ;-) -

Actually I run this antenna as a 1/4L for 20m with 3 radials at my french QTH:
atachet to it you can see the balun of the Diamond w-8010 as a simple dipole for 17m made with likely invisible DX-Wire .

First version at the University club station Shack.

I unrolled the coil of the L/2 and kept about 3cm of the thick copper wire to connect
to the PL connector.

First trials with unfixed elements and quick and dirty - more dirty than allowed-
connection to the buildings anti -lightning network showed quiet good performance on
20m band . and was tunable from 10 down to 80m (80m was very thin)

The antenna is actually used at my french QTH and giving quiet better signals
than my W-8010 Multi band trap dipole. I added 3 radials of random size - some electric
wire I had laying around.

The antenna gives excellent results on 17m Band and is working from 80-10m with more or less
success. Next step would be adding some more radials of different leigths to see if there is any

L/2 working as 1/4l for 20m at french QTH

Close up's

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