.::LDG 200 Pro Automatic Antenna Tuner::.

/!\ detailed review will follow ~october 2007 /!\

I needed a tuner to tune my self made antenna experiments ~60m away from my shack.
Like i didn't wanted to tune also the hole coax i opted for a automatic tuner
which will be placed inside my garage at my french QTH.

I hesitated moths before deciding to buy the LDG instead of the MFJ with LCD or
another tuner. I decided buying the LDG after a friend brought his to the club station
for a tryout.
Mine came right out of the box with a auto-tune cable for Icom and Yaesu.

The what I like / don't like HI.
- First the design is awful and LED is standard of 60 years ago..
- Buttons have a rubbish feeling.
- BE SURE YOU PROPERLY GROUND your TRX and Tuner to the Earth else
Tuner will get very hot !!!

But after having seen the performance of my friends one and having read
all those reviews on eham I'm confident that it 'll do a good job.

Here you can see how I cotrol my LDG from distance with a R/C remote and a servomotor.
The AT works in Automatic mode and the servo only switches the antenna.
The piece of wood in front is to guide the thin metal pin of the servo till the button.
The button is covered with a smooth piece of tissue to absorbe the force
while servo has more action way than the button.

The pictures.

size of the device

opening the package

the supplied cables

close view

Back side

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