My mobile installs /stations - maybe it gives you some ideas on installing yours...

- Ford Focus Turnier MK2 (Bought 2012 after Clio 2 died)
- Citroen 2CV in France
- Mercedes Benz 190D (My mom's car)
- Mercedes Benz B180 (My fathers car since 2010)

Cars sold/ not "living anymore"
- Renault Clio I (sold 199?))
- Renault Clio II (had it from 2002-2012)
- VW Multivan (Parents car - sold 2010)

Renault Clio 2 ,1.9D from 2000 in the commercial version ( 2 seats only)

Because of the numerous antennas some call it MIR or ISS.
I installed about 10 antennas, inside and outside of the car. (counting the 2 GPS)
1 2m/70cm Dual band antenna
1 VHF III and L-Band DAB Antenna
1 TV Antenna
2 FM radio antennas (second on inside rear bumper)
1 Antenna for APRS inside rear bumper going up to the back light.
1 Shortwave multi band modded DV-27 Antenna on magnetic support
1 GSM Antenna
A Duplexer connects UHF Band to the DVB-T receiver while on the road.

There was also a PC inside as you can see on Automp3, a DVB-T receiver ,
a FM/DAB radio, icom 706 completed by all day usable Yaesu Ft-7800 etc..
a real Multimedia and radio central :)

newer Pictures with shortwave antenna
(Sirtel 1200 coil + dv27 + 1m of steel to work on 14 MHz) installed

Older Pictures

Doing some VHF SSB DX'ing at Spanish cabo penas ( Asturias- region)

The regular Antennas ( rear - DAB/GSM/VHF&UHF)

On the inside while listening to SW Radio ( Radio73)

My old Clio 1 I had before the actual one.
It was equipped with a Procom 2m/70cm VHF Antenna + a 10m magnetic Antenna
with my good old IC-706 .

My mother's Mercedes Benz .
This car is equipped with a broken Sirtel DV-27s at the place of
the normal radio antenna on the rear
  which I cut in length for VHF Band - Swr is 1:1,1 ;).
I usually made use of my IC-706 or a portable VHF radio inside.
The antenna also serves for FM-Broadcast reception. I build a special Diplexer for it which still
runs very good :)

March 2009 Setup ( had to switch car for holidays with my mom so I got the Benz ;-) )

Dashboard view

My mounting with an angle fits also very well into the Mercedes fan outlets.


Older Setup:
On the following pic you can see a 10m Antenna from good old CB-Times which was used for
some local mobile SSB 10m traffic and is no longer on the car.

My Father's VW Multivan - our family wagon :) .
Over the years, all of my radios had been installed in this car.
First before becoming licensed Ham - the CB radio - then the IC-706 - Ft-7800 but usually
only an old CB-Radio stays in the car (President James) which my father still uses to get
traffic information from the Truckers.

Antennas :
- VHF UHF 1/4L On the roof - you can see it right behind the front door .
- Sirtel S9power on the drivers side in the rear
Also had a Sirtel 1200 installed which you can encounter in my DV27s mobile Antenna creation
which works from 10m-40m on my car.'

During the time I was younger than 18 years (of age) and notallowed to drive my father
drove me to some higher locations in France while on vacation so I could do some contest
DX'ing with the IC-706 and a HB9CV on a Surf pole mounted on the trailer's coupling device.

The very simple construction with the Surf pole and a cheap rotator.

And finally my Citroen 2CV - A faboulous car ! -

It stays at my frech QTH and I use it while being there on vacation. Like most traffic
is repeater traffic the simple VHF /UHF Antenna on the rear bumper is
enough; powered by my Vx-170 or Hora TRX

The new Antenna in place on the rear bumper of the 2CV

My fathers Mercedes Benz B180
had it for some weeks in 2012 so it got prepared for radio install:
When I use it I can quickly put a Diamond Magnetic Dualband antenna on the roof and connect
for example my VHF Pro Kenwood TRx as the battery is under passenger floor.

some pics

My actual car - a Ford Focus Turnier MK2 from 2009
As I own it only since some days, only a portable Radio with magnetic antenna is installed:
Will complete with pictures when I move my radios to this car.

New pics:

older pics:

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