Interfacing the HAM Rig's to the PC.

Today with the evolution of the Rig's it has become quiet necessary to have a
PC- Interface to comfortably manage at least the high amount of memory channels proposed by actual Radios.
When I bought my VX-2R I also bought a PC- Interface for it.
I chose the modul-version of Alexander Meier Elektronik's VX-2R USB interface
which was very cheap (~30€ + Postage). For the proposed price I wouldn't build it myself.
<< 2009 - Interface is not available anymore ! >>
Getting my FT-7800 I easily build an interface cable for less than 1€ to work with above interface.

The Interface:
It comes with all cables you need , a CD with drivers and the VX-2 Freeware
The Quality of the interface is excellent.

QOS from AME :

To build a cable for Yaesu's FT-7800
You need:
- A PS2 keyboard extension cable (for Germans see Reichelt Elektronik)
- A CPU Fan cable with connector to fit on the Interfaces connector.
- Your Yaesu's Manual / Interface Manual (PDF see above).

Picture of the cable:

Interfacing Yaesu FT-1802 / Vx-170

The AME Interface should also work for my Ft-1802 and VX-170 but since there is no freeware available
I didn't try it out.

Interfacing my Icom 706:

I tried to use the AME Interface on my IC-706 "quick and dirty style" but it didn't work.
After the plans it should have worked but surely due to misconfigured CI-V Address in 706 it had not.
But anyway. To connect my IC-706 I got one of those 3€ GSM phone USB-Data cables
from a friend who bought it on ebay and soldered a Jack connector on it, respecting
the pin out and connecting both rx and tx to one pin.
Worked since first trial !!
I use Ham radio Deluxe's Cat Control to control my IC-706 via my self made USB cable
and it works well.

A pic of my cable

I recently also made a TRX Interface for the Icom 706.
I used the Audio/TRX schematic from Hamradio Delux Interfaces PDF (the one with audio transformers and Optocouplers).
After some starting problems (damn pin-out of the opto) I saw that I had to let down the LED and Resistor to get it work - seems intensity of my USB2Serial Interface is not enough getting optocpupler working properly.
I also noticed a notable drop down of both mic and Audio out level while the Interface is connected. So be sure
If you do speech QSO's getting proper ALC excitement - If not disconnect the interface!

Will make some pictures soon to show the interface

DRM Interface
Untested but build up.
I bought one of those 9MHz IF to 12 KHz DRM converters on ebay to listen to DRM Radio and
getting possibility's defining filters on the PC to improve reception quality of 706.
Still need a pin-out of the 706's Filter bank to properly connect the interface.
I also added a Audio 1:1 Transformer to the outputs to isolate PC from the TRX.

Yaesu VX-2R/E => The excellent Freeware VX2-Commander from KC8UNJ.
Yaesu FT-7800=> G4HFQ's FTB7800 (not Freeware)
Yaesu FT-1802=> no Software because no Freeware is existing
Yaesu VX-170 => no Software because no Freeware is existing
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