.::Rotator control::.

While rebuilding my station at my French QTH I was forced to find a solution to control
my KR-400 Rotator from the shack without needing to buy and pass 60m of 6-wire cable.
Very quick I remembered my old remote controls from the RC cars and boats I build while
I was 12 years old. After some nights of deep thinking HI , and turning around the rotator controller
I came up to my actual solution. I use 2 Servo-motors and a ~40MHz RC remote to control:
- the power on/off function
- left /right

Construction details:
First I drilled some holes into the commands - make sure you drill a bit bigger than the steel-stick you
use between servo and command buttons to ensure a free movement of the steel-stick.
After this you adjust the servo and for example for the L/R command , only put one of the screw terminal
on it to keep the possibility commanding manually.
For the power control I fixed 2 screw terminals to ensure on /Off switching. Adjust the position of both so that when you release the command on the RC-Remote rotator remains ON or OFF.
My shack is under the roof of my house and I'm controlling my rotator ~40m away inside
the garage without any problems. The only thing I don't have is the position indictor but I don't
need it very much so that I can live without it and If I need to know where my antennas are pointing
I get my ass off my chair and take a look outside the window.


receiver and servomotors

close up on the hole and mechanics

my second shack at the garage:

Thoughts abound security while having your rotator working on "public frequency's"

- The first thing everyone I told about my idea said to me was : " And what will you do if a child is playing with his RC car on the same frequency next to your tower?? "

Well I thought by using a 40 MHz remote instead of a 27MHz used on all those cheap RC cars
here over Europe it would be a bit more secure.
To ensure security a bit more I putted the on/off command also via a Servo so that it will switch the rotor on while going backwards and off while going forward - the natural orientation of an rc car or boat is to go forward *g* and in this case the rotator controller would be switched off - so that risk is very limited. If you own a 4 or more channel RC control you could put the commands on the
3rd 4th channel etc to avoid interferences with RC Toys.

I'm very happy with my solution and am inviting everyone having questions or comments to write me a mail.

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