.:President Emperor Shogun:.
-the Lincoln successor-

I got this TRX inside the transition period from CB to Ham radio for quiet cheap and first planned to use it for 2m Band with a transverter.
It's a quiet good 10m rig with same good quality's as the famous President Lincoln.

I modified the following things on this Rig:
Like I don't like turning it on & off with the Volume knob, I switched the cables (same connector) of both lo/dx button and the "ON"- function of the volume knob. So that now it turns on by pushing "lo/dx" button.

Actually the TRX is used at my "10m only" station at my French QTH with a 5/8 GP or 1/2L vertical Antenna I got from a friend.
I also got an Amplifier for 11/10m which I haven't tested already. Meant to deliver 150W HI - But if it puts out about 50 or 80W I' ld be happy of the 4-6db gain :)
Unfortunately the TRX has a little defect somewhere I cannot localize. Sometimes modulation is
distorted - no modulation at all on AM /FM. Sometimes it seems that on low Power output i's OK but other times it keeps rubbish. I got several remarks during an ES Opening for bad modulation and advice to check the PSU but its unfortunately the TRX who is faulty in all this.


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