.:: Selfmade arrow-antenna::.

After trying out some different types of antennas I was still looking for an cobined 2m/70cm antenna with enough gain on both bands for handheld operation.
Therefor and because Arrow antennas are not sold in Europe I decided to build my
own one based on the great "ultralight"designs of DK7ZB.

The material cost me less than 20€ so its very affordable for the great result of the antenna.
The construction with electric PVC pipes and clips is very interesting and permits for ex. only mointing 70cm , 2m or both on the boom.
The plans of the 4el. 2m and 7el. 70cm antennas can be found on DK7ZB's page.

Here some pictures:

fasciliting storage but not usable like this - all elements in one plane

Construction details - the marks on the boom

The proud owner :-)

The 70cm part laying on the roof of my car , for 2m the FT-7800 inside car was used to hit the satellite.

70cm part laying on the street

Feeding of the radiator.

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