.:: TS-480 remote Display setup::.

As I'm living in an appartemnt in Saarbrücken Germany on the first floor with no possibility to
mount an antenna, I got the idea of a remote station at my parents QTH.
That was one reason of choosing the TS-480 because I didn't want to miss the real
TRX feeling , which means having the display , mic and buttons in front of me and no
borning PC programm to manipulate.

I saw to OM's on the web (SM7LCB & W4MQ) having developped a Software for remoting the TS_480's Display as Kenwood uses a simple Serial protocol for it.

So I ordered 2 FTDI 232r USB2TTL cables at FTDI Online store ~25€/each and
made me some custom cables. The display also needs a power supply.

At the moment SM7LCB's soft works more stable but has less functions. W4MQ's IRT is more an allrounder.
The Setup works well on LAN , now it's time for testing it via Internet remotely.
Remote failsafe shutdown is by GSM phone circuit, a relay card, and the TOT function of the Kenwood.
Other remote operations are done by a 8-port Serial/USB relay card from Conrad.
Remote PC for audio and Display Server is waken up by the Wake on LAN function of my ADSL router.

SO back to the TS-480
Using the Display remotely is absolutly great. Beside a little very small delay of the sound ( using IPSound), the feeling is great - As you were sitting in front of it.

-will be continued-

Some pictures - more will follow when all works.

Testing remote Display circuity:

As you cannont crimp directly the RJ12 connector on the FTDI cables (cables too big) you need a piece of smaller cable to join FTDI cable, Power supply and Display.
On the display side it could look like this:

Testing remote Audio with FM Sound from VX-2 to be able to judge quality.( and because of
the fact that I have no antenna at my appartment.)

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