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Beeing only equippet with my first generation IC-706 for VHF traffic I needed a bit
more power for VHF Dx. The 10W out problem of the receiver was more actual then
ever since the antenna is 50m away at my french QTH with likely 2,4 db of loss on the
H2000 cable. So I needed an amplifier which would pull out some watts with about 5W input.
On ebay I got this nice amplifier which is rated 30W out and fullfittted my needs.
It has an integrated GaAS-Fet Preamplifier and is located at the bottom of the
tower to put the maximum of HF into the antenna and to amplifie the maximum of the
incoming signal.

Technical Data:
- 200mW - 5W input
- 30W out with 2W in
- 20 db GaAsFet Pream with a noise figure of 0.75  to 1,5db
- 13,8V @ 4A max
- Year of Layout/Design 1986

Here are some pictures of it:

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