.::Yaesu VX-170 2m FM Handheld TRX::.

After several month I decided to buy a VX-170 to replace my defective
Hora 2m Handheld. After my exams I went to my local Hamradio store and bought
one. My first impressions where very good. Fits good in hand and seems to be rugged.
The waterproofness was also a positive point which permits me to carry it on my boat
and use it during rain.
But when I came home from the shop I had to notice that my brandnew VX-170 was
broken right out the box!!
Here a picture of it:

My deception was very big - Called the shop back and a week later picked up
my exchange device.
By the way , you can read on the internet that not only me had this "broke cover" problem... .

But I still have a big negative point. The modulation is so low while speaking from a reasonable normal distance that you nearly have to "kiss " the TRX while talking to get
a normal modulation level out of it. Some users on newsgroups relate this problem to
the cheap mic's Yaesu is using in this TRX (rumor!).

My Pro/ ConsList:

- Good design
- Waterprof
- Excellent tuner which is very sensitive
- Get big amount of usefull and useless features for a cheap amount of money.
- 5W ( OK its likely standard today)
- Loud and clear speaker

- Low modulation
- Due to speacial MIC/SPKR Jack it's quiet difficult to build yourself the needed
cables to do packet radio or adapt a non Yaesu microphone.
-And this all-in-one Jack removes possibility connecting just an external mic and
continue listening via the loud internal speaker.
- Personally I don't like the belt clip but I think it's excellent for Rescue usage.

- Having a VX-2 I was used to see charge level while recharging the battery. The
VX-170 doesn't have this feature.

High-Res. - Pictures:

local Repeater in France.

A high resolution pic of the front:

high resolution pic of the illuminatet front:

As accessories I only bought the external Mic from Yaesu.

Unfortunatly you are quiet forced to do so because of the special waterproof Jack :(

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