.:my VX-2E:.

=> pictures of my VX-2E open for repair.


I bought this tiny little sweet TRX just before my student semester in Spain because
my Hora was quiet buggy and had no Wide-RX.
Down there in Spain I used it mainly for FM and SW Radio reception and less for Ham communications.

Like the Spec's are well known I only post some pictures:

I bought a no-name battery from ebay for 5€ which is quiet as good as the original one.
An external Speakermic was also bought.

So one day I went to visit the spanish region of cantabria and at night after listening to Maritime VHF Weather forecast I forgot the TRX on the top of my car. - Stupid me !!!-
I received a phone call and went homewards.
After some hundret meters I heard a "bam bam" on the roof and suddenly I remembered that there
was my VX-2 on the roof and I turned back and searched the radio for about 2 hours in the dark
without success and unfortunatly like a dump idiot I disabled the RX LED and radio was tuned to
maritim VHF emergency frequency so a searching via transmitting a signal was impossible.
After beeing upset all night I stood up at 5 o' clock in the morning to go the 180km back and search again.
After another 2 hours of searching, some trouble with spanish police (Guardia Civil) because i was
walking side of the speedway and after asking the Street Maintenance guys which passed
I decided to walk some 20m more to the curve and then back to the car.

After those 20m what did I see- My lovely TRX sweetly laying down beside of a road signal :)
You cannot imagine how happy I was. Without thinking a lot I turned it on and it worked!!!
I was so happy that it survived the humidity, and all the rain which falled at night - and of course the shock!

The place I found the radio was like 1km away from parking I started so it must have fallen on
the keypad side wich has good grip on a roof .
This is the place I found my radio :)

So here the pics after the accident. btw the radio still works ufb !!

So Happy end !

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