.:: Yaesu FT-897D::.

=> Update 09/2010 , homebrew FT-Meter & Headset ( pictures & text see down)

I bought this TRX for 2m/70cm all-mode operation and SSB/CW Satellite operations.

I got it for a superb price including the remote mic (59) and cat cable but with a display that was not working
Now it's repaired and working :-) )

The only issue I got is HF via the MIC using the DTMF remote microfone. (solved @ my french QTH no HF in Mic)

My first impressions:
Beside i knew what I was buying HI HI
- Menues as silly complicated as usual on yaesu transceivers. Many functions should have been arranged
a different way in those thousand mxx menues
- Why didn't Yaesu made this TRX with a switch on by cat function? would have been great for remoting
- CW Jack in 3,5mm
- As noisy noise floor as my old IC-706 - TS 480 still is the best I saw in this small rig class.
- The rig performs very well on VHF/UHF - On VHF it is comparable to my IC-271E
My impression is that sensitivity is a little little bit better on the Yaesu but the IC-271E is not as much affected
by nearby strong stations as the Yaesu.

Actually no mods were performed. Will see what I can do with the battery space.
First planned to use it for cat / audio interface integration but now I'm looking more into
transverter - maybe 4m transverter for crossband operations as it actually is not authorised in Germany
or in France.

Well now some pics till I have time to review the trx completely:

FT Meter:
I had an old S-Meter laying around so nothing easier than connecting it to the Yaesu :-)
The alfa-stage result :

Headset: I use a Gembird PC Headset with my Radios. It 's sold by a German Accessory manufacturer under his own name for
Ham's :-) I only paid 15€ for it :-)
As each Soundcard provides a Volatage for the Mic's I found a shematic in an old CQDL magazine .

Headset works like a charm :-)

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